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It is extremely important to highlight the difference between motorcycle and car wire wheels.  Building materials are very different. For cars, the use of stainless steel spokes is not advisable at all  because the side (lateral) forces applied during steering and braking which could cause the loosening  or braking of the outer-laced spokes.

The spokes are manufactured with bona fide steel 39NCD/4 80-90 Kg/mm2, this will result  in higher strength and flexibility and will make the spokes able to resist to the side forces  without reaching the breaking point.

Our special alloy 6082 used for manufacturing the rims have been developed & perfected  over decades to allow the maximum resistance and the minimum weight, the HB hardness level  is a very important aspect. The proper alloy will make the cold dimpling possible, but will keep  the rim strong enough to be repaired in case of small cracks. It also enables for perfect roundness  with a very small tolerance. Hot dimpling can cause heavy deformation of the rim during the cooling  process, this is another reason why today we manufacture rim-thru spinning without welding,  which used to be the weak spot in the past. Some wheels were manufactured with  a heavy-duty rim  and without dimples, some of those are still available, even if tests showed no improvement  and it only added more weight. For this reason this was abandoned.

As far as the centerpieces are concerned, we have 2 products, the standard one for regular street use  and one with competition specs made in C/45 steel from a solid hub. The unique material combination between hub, centerpiece, spokes and rim results in the Borrani  wheel-quality. The use of other  materials (specifications) will compromise the safety of our products.  Therefore, it is strongly advised to have your Borrani wheels serviced/restored only at the Borrani  factory.

Others claiming they can do Borrani restorations are not official and do not use the proper materials  & techniques.


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