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For nearly 90 years we’ve designed close to 5000 different wheels. Each wheel is unique  because of it’s own mounting pattern, the number of spokes, dimpling or drilling, centre  or outer laced, number of rows, off-set and special centre-pieces.

The RW (Rudge-Whitworth) is a progressive number that individuates the original design  of each wheel, most of the time realized in collaboration with the car maker according  to vehicle weight, use and specifications. Each Borrani wire wheel has a single application because it’s made specifically  for a single type of car. It is not advisable or safe to mount them on another car, not suitable for this reference.

Each product is identified by a marking on the side of the outer edge of the rim, it will show  the RW number, size and type of rim (record stands for light-alloy). At the back of the wheel  you will find the production date and serial number used for the factory records. Throughout our history the markings and positions have been changed. You can, however still request vintage printing for concourse purposes (on the outside only),  but actual production date will apply.

The basic aesthetical finishing are: either grey painted wheels which are specially advised  for race-use since the spoke chroming will brittle the material.  Second and mostly used/chosen is hi-polished rim with chromed spokes and centre-piece.  These are the original finishing's for Borrani wheels, any other superficial treatment will be  considered a “special order” and not original.


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